Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stay Strong and Stand My Story

I met Author Aleja Bennett through Book Blogs.  She is an abuse survior to check out her story please log on to!/StayStrongandStand/info as for me this is mine and I will be the first to admit it isn't as bad as others but it's bad enough that I should have taken a stand.
I was in the 4th grade, my brothers in 5th, they both shared the same teacher.  He was an old, overweight, disgusting pig of a man.  He was very aggressive to his students or at least to my brothers by grabbing so tightly to their arms he would leave bruise marks, yank them by their ears,  and literally throw them out of class.  Now, I don't know how many other students he treated that way.  Anyway, one day I went to go meet up with my brothers and he waved me to come into the class room.  He placed his hands down my back pocket of my jeans.  It freaked me out but I didn't say anything.  Shortly thereafter, I left the school with my brothers.

The next day was the best day for my brothers.  He didn't say or do anything mean to them all day.  After a while things got back to the way they had been before and once again I stopped by to pick up my brothers thinking it had been a onetime occurrence.  While waiting for my brother to get their bags from the hallway he again told me to come to him and again put his hand down my pocket.

I didn't know what else to do.  I was afraid to tell anyone, afraid they  would be angry at me for being stupid and I didn't want him to treat my brothers the way that he did so I continued to go back. Over and over again the process would play and the days after that I was there he would treat my brothers better.  So to make my brothers lives a little better I started to frequent there often.

Slowly he progressed forward to place a hand in my front pocket, then later he slipped a finger down the waist of my jeans in the back.  Luckily school got out before things got worse.  I prayed every day that summer that I wouldn't get him as a teacher and the Lord heard my prayers.  From that day forward I was able to avoid him and that room until I left the school after my 6th grade.

I heard when I was in 9th grade that he lost his job and (rumor had it) they had locked up his worthless butt because someone had finally spoke up.  I hadn't been the only girl he had done that to. Nor do I fear I was the worst.  There had been at least 2 others before someone had spoken up. 

Looking back at it and knowing what I know now, I do everything in my power to let younger girls know, that it's not okay.  When people do that it's not okay.  That if they are ever placed in a situation like that to tell an adult.  I was afraid of my parents when I was going through it but I could have gone to another person of authority like the principle.

When I finally told my parents they were horrified that I hadn't told them.  Both of my parents were angry at him and hurt that I didn't trust them enough to tell them back then.  My dad was ready to drive all the way back there and inform them (probably not in a good way he was that angry that someone had done this to his daughter and his sons) of what had happened, but I told him that he had already been taken care of.  As I said before I know what I went through wasn't as bad as some others.  I can't imagine what others have gone through in their lives, but what I went through it's bad enough.

If you are ever in that position or have ever been in that position don't be afraid to speak up.  Even a little evil, is still evil.