tormented cover drawn and created by J Ann
It's been over 200 years since Humans drove the affected into hiding.  Now out of nowhere, people are dying on both sides.  When one of the few female specially trained fighters; also known as an Ultorum, is added to the body count, Angelina is forced to make a decision.  Now she must betray everything she knows, including her best friend Michael, and follow the one creature she doesn't trust.

Ethan watches this young Ultorum with leery eyes.  He is deeply impressed with her abilities, and even more so with her determination.  It's just too bad she smells so good.

Together they set out to find the one responsible for all the killings, but what they find, they are not going to like.

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Review written by Unorthodox Mama gave Tormented 5 (Huge) stars!
Here is a blurp of what she wrote:

"This book is amazing.
Nothing I can say could ever do this book enough justice.
It’s got such a unique spin on the world of humans, vampires and what not.
You won’t find yourself thinking “not another vampire book”.
Instead you will finish the book thinking “this is THE vampire book""

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Review written by Ramblings of A Toddler's Mom gave Tormented 4 Stars!
Here is a tiny portion of what she wrote:
"I can't say enough about how creative this story is - it's completely different from any vampire book I've ever read - and trust me when I say I've read A LOT of vampire novels in my 26 years.
The story has action, fighting, killing, romance, tension, suspense, compassion, mystery... It really has all the makings of a great series!
"The ending of this story really left me hanging.
I NEED to know what happens because book 1 definitely leaves you hanging.
There's so many questions that haven't been answered yet that I really want answers too."
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