Monday, September 22, 2014

Exercise for writing:

Here is an exercise that I had to do for class.  I liked the outcome so I decided to share it.  Hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think.

Throughout the day, I am captivated by her as I watch her slowly dance and sway.  As enchanting as she is in the day she is far more exotic in the night.  Her burnt orange, red and blue tones are beautiful.  I am fascinated as I watch the orange tint turn to green with her never ending appetite.  Then am amazed as the orange again returns. 
Though I believe I have mastered her control, in one inattentive moment she could obliterate all.  Like a blanket, she gives me a false sense of security.  She is never constant, never repeatable.  Some days, she stands tall others she remains small.  The one thing she guarantees each passerby is to provide light and warmth during the cold lonely nights. 
In her heart, she bares the truth of what she is, a destroyer.  Caring nothing for what she consumes indeed even willing to consume all.  Her core looks stunning with its white and red coals to help provide you with her heat, but when she leaves they will be black and hollow. 

Her breath is strong and cloudy.  Though you often do not see it you will feel it as it will bring tears to your eyes if you get in its path.  Some manipulate it and use it for communication, others use it for protection against things they are afraid of.  In the end, there is only one with the power overall.  

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